4 Ways to Maximize Postmates Earnings

As with many flexible platforms to earn extra cash, earnings can be very volatile and unpredictable. Knowing what to expect when you go into any job is important, both for deciding whether you want to do it or not and your emotions during the job. If you expect to make $30/hour and only earn $25, you will feel worse than if you expect to earn $15/hour and earn $20. And, you made more in the first scenario! Not only managing expectations, it is extremely important to maximize your performance so that you are making the best use of your time. In another article, I outlined the six tricks to optimize your ridesharing time. In this article, I will discuss the best methods to maximize your Postmates earnings.

Deliver During Peak Hours

This one may seem like common sense but this is one of the major factors in performing well on Postmates. If you are only getting one delivery an hour or have massive downtime in between deliveries, your earnings will quickly deteriorate. Deliveries often cluster around certain hours. Lunchtime and dinner time are great for food deliveries. After 8PM, you will sometimes get alcohol or miscellaneous deliveries on weekends to house parties. Since Postmates earnings performance is generally dependent on number of deliveries, not length of deliveries, it is important to be able to minimize downtime and keep your deliveries/hour high.

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Deliver During Blitz Pricing

This one is close to the peak hours above. Peak hours do not guarantee blitz pricing, but they are very correlated. Peak hours simply implies you will have a lot less downtime, while blitz pricing ensure that the deliveries you DO make will be worth more. Being able to take advantage of both of these is important. If you are able to maintain >1.5-2 deliveries/hour AND are getting an additional 25-50% per delivery, you can expect to push your hourly earnings above $25/hour. These times are rare, however.

Use the Scheduling Platform

Downtime is the worst part for Postmates. When you schedule your time in advance, you get "priority dispatch". With regular dispatch, the closest available courier will be pinged to accept a delivery. This ensures that the delivery time is minimized for the customer. With priority dispatch, however, as long as it is feasible to deliver within a one hour timeframe, the closest priority dispatch will be given the option to choose deliveries, even if they are farther from the pickup than other couriers. This, in effect, lowers your downtime compared to regular dispatch. As I've mentioned many times before, the key to earning a lot in Postmates is the number of deliveries, not necessarily the distance (something that is usually the opposite in ridesharing). Allowing yourself to be the top choice for deliveries can keep your earnings higher.

Stack Your Deliveries

"Stacking" refers to accepting more than 1 delivery at once. Very often, deliveries can take about thirty minutes or they are along a shared route. Knowing this, Postmates will line up your next delivery sometimes while you are still on a delivery. If possible, you might be able to only make one trip! The highest number of stacking I have heard of is four at once (unusually high) but I have only been able to do two at once. This is extremely important since it will minimize your downtime and you can sometimes optimize your route. Ideally, the second delivery has automated ordering (or accepts phone ordering) so the food is made while you are making the first dropoff. Sometimes, you are able to get two deliveries from the same place (such as a supermarket). This is where the best money can be made, where two deliveries within a half hour are synced up. If you can stack a delivery from the same place, it is possible to get $40+ in an hour.

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